Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Call To Art Enthusiasts

Hey Lurkers- Here's a rant Jeff and I wrote for the folks tuned into the Fiasco! Gallery page. Your continued support is appreciated and still needed as another amazing gallery, Vale Fine Art, closes its doors in a couple of days. This is unexpected and bittersweet news. I feel like I am really hitting my stride as a curator, the Vale show was one of the best things I've done, especially coming off the Savages show at Studios on the Park. Hard to consider myself a successful curator when sales are so inconsistent. Curator reads to me like "dude who hangs rad artwork that totally flies off the wall for $$$", and right now I'm just "dude who hangs rad artwork". 
An article about the group show written by Erin Messer can be seen here. Thanks for digesting the word soup below.

So, you’ve come to the shows. All of them. You’ve danced, you’ve nibbled snacks, you loved the work on the walls. You’ve complimented the artists, you’ve even brought friends and family to the show to see what’s going on in what we can now call an “art community”. You’ve told us that we have put on a great show. A lot of work went into creating the event, so we are grateful. Without you, events aren’t fun or memorable.
Here is the heavy part, though-- while you being there is important, what’s more important is that you show your support with your money. It almost sounds shallow and might be insulting, but your compliments don’t pay the rent, and don’t pay for more work to get done. If everyone walked into their favorite restaurant from now on and only told them they made the best meal, they would close. Galleries in this county don’t show the work that we want to see because we don’t financially support it enough. If buying a painting you are obsessed with sets you apart from that new pair of shoes or going on a couple dates or even if it means you don’t get to buy food from the fancy grocery store this month, then so be it. Now is the time to make a difference.
Hopefully some of you reading this get it, and have supported. Cities like Portland and Oakland sell incredible, affordable and accessible art in salons, yogurt shops and cafes. Only a handful of artists in this county can say they have sold in such places. People who have coordinated these shows gave valiant efforts to work things out with artists, musicians, caterers and business owners. Lena Rushing, Anna Weltner, Laykin Hamilton, Brigham Baker, Leslie Clark Grey, Nick Wilkinson, Neal and Jeff  have been putting on shows in this area for more than five years now. Most of you reading this have taken part in some way--you’re an artist, your girlfriend/boyfriend/friend paints, your brain loves color and your mouth likes beer and cake.
We are glad you showed your support, the people who own the gallery are impressed that we can pack in a place. They aren’t impressed when you leave without buying something. Invest in the future of a vibrant art scene by talking with your wallet. Artists work hard and most I’ve asked would rather show their work on the wall of a nice gallery (where people come to see art exclusively) and not a retail place that sells something else to pay their bills. If you want to support the artist you know, buy something from the gallery they are showing at. No one is saying you shouldn’t buy direct from your artist friends, but when an artist gets a decent show at a good gallery, do more than come by for a hug and a handshake.
This Saturday in Paso Robles at Vale Fine Art, pieces by Walt Hall are available for $125 and up. Walt Hall is an amazing artist. We think so. Juxtapoz thinks so. Look him up.  I know that if you don’t have a job, spending $125 is impossible to think about when you have rent hanging over your head, but to those of you who have the means, what gives? In the most black and white of terms, this is how venues that show contemporary or cutting edge work die out. The lack of financial support makes gallery owners cut and run to bigger cities.
No violins will be playing when Vale closes their doors after this Saturday, April 19th to open somewhere more lucrative. We’re not asking for a handout. You give money, you get a painting, not a vague sense that you helped, somehow, probably. Everybody wins.  If you need to feel good about your money, support not only a local business but a person who creates. Do so while looking at an awesome new piece to hang in your bedroom/in your office/over your toilet that you bought from a gallery setting.
We here at Fiasco! welcome an open dialogue about this subject. Here are some topics we would like your opinion on:
Do you appreciate/support these shows or are you coming as obligation to a friend/family member?
Do you have a desire to own/collect original art/limited editions?

Have you seen art you loved/wanted, but did not buy it? What stopped you from buying it?

Thursday, March 13, 2014


 Look at all the fanfare the Savages show has sprouted!

 Erin Messer of The New Times write up can be read here.

 Stock Magazine online took some time out from being cool and did a spread here.

 Joshua Brinckerhoff of Culprit Media Group spontaneously showed up and put together a little film you can see here.

 Hayley Thomas Cain of the Paso Robles Press wrote a cool piece you can read here.

As fellow artist friend Ty Hjortland said "we are king shits of turd island".

If you want to make me feel good, you can spend 10 minutes filling out a couple of questions on the SLO New Times Best Of poll, and vote for me on entry #63 "best visual artist" even if I am really more "dude who doodles weird stuff and throws art shows".  Link to poll HERE.
Jeffy C has won this baby a couple years in a row, and it would be awesome if I had an award to put on my refrigerator as well.

So a crazy mix-up with my pals at Sally Loos has put my show a little later than I thought. April 15 will debut a whole new series of mine called "The Lonely Iceberg". Ask for it by name!

Also: Square Store. Instagram: @nealbretonart

Friday, February 21, 2014


I'm busy. I've got a show going up on March 15th @ Sally Loo's Wholesome Coffee Brothel based on the Lonely Iceberg.

I'm down to the last two paintings in the Skulk (fox) series. That's pretty cool. I'm hoping that people enjoyed them, as I have no plans to paint new ones, unless...

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Lonely Post


You know what's cute and lonely?
This guy.
Strange weather we are having nowadays. California had no winter, which sucks no matter what you cold weather people might say. For those of you who might be cold and lonely, I have this for you:
The Lonely Iceberg.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Hello Lurkers-

I'll be showing some cool new non-fox related stuff at the best custom made jewelry store in SLO, Baxter Moermon. "What non-fox related stuff?" you're asking, mostly because you are bored at work. Well, this one for example:
 I've decided to continue on my architecture kick, painting mostly bite-sized paintings for home or office use! Here are the details about the show:
Stardate: January 3, 2014
Where: Baxter Moermon 1118 Morro Street, SLO (next to the horrible Granada hotel)
Time: 5-9
Bring: Money, Rootbeer, Cookies

I'll be selling prints, the same sort of originals/prints you can buy on my SQUARE store. If you have the means, do stop by, won't you?

ALSO: blah blah FLICKR blah blah INSTAGRAM.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Neal Breton Art Online Store.
An Uncomfortable Touch… of Class.
That's right, lurkers, I have opened a shop on Square. Now you can buy originals, prints, and other fun stuff from the comfort of your own underpants and I'll ship it right to you!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hey, What Have You Been Up To?

What have you been up to? Did you miss me? I took November off apparently, it slips my mind to write on the ol' blog sometimes. Poor taste on my part, considering I am giving out my business card at an alarming rate. Imagine the amount of gum stuck to those cards, the teeth that have been picked, the overstuffed wallets made uncomfortable!

Anyway, I hate that "tell me about your life in three sentences" question. I always end up saying something stupid, like "well you know" or "living the dream" or "nuthin' much". Lame. Since the blog is made for that kind of stuff, I will now start sending people here. No answers, just flip them a business card and walk away.

I've been busy here at Fiasco!, Jeff and I had a very successful indiegogo campaign, and we are slaving away on all the collaborations people had donated money to...and by slaving, I mean it's Jeff's fault we haven't started. Right under the bus, Claassen. TAKE THAT!

I am officially moving on from the Skulk/Deer series. The great thing about the studio/gallery in Paso is that you get feedback from the average Joe n Jane on the street. That's also the bad part, and honestly if I have to explain these pieces to someone who is undeserving (read as: snarky & ignorant) anymore I'd rather light them on fire. The paintings, I mean...I think.
The sour-faced elderly, the drunks pointing, the parents ripping their kids away from our space; the picture taking without permission, that horrific song about foxes have beat it out of me. It was a social experiment and I have painstakingly reached my answer: Oakland, Portland and LA get this series and the Central Coast most certainly does not.

In other super fun news, while I was begging for indiegogo money, I wrote an old pal of mine (hey Nancer) and got lucky. It just so happened that my old boss who runs some things at Paramount Pictures gives a gift bag to the hard working assistant types. Nancy thought it would be cool if I made a special print of the Paramount landmarks for said goodie bag. Check it out!
I know you wish you had one, but you just can't. There were only 125 made and they were all for those special assistant type folks.

In other other news, it looks like I have some crazy shows going down in 2014. Ok, they aren't crazy; they are just shows. I'm trying to dazzle you with marketing-speak. I'll be showing at Baxter-Moermon in January, and March will be hectic- Sally Loos AND the second installment of the Young Savages group show in Paso.
I've also temporarily been handed the responsibility to hang work at a little place called Eatz in downtown SLO. The walls are purty and they made this building picture I did look pretty pimped out. So if any of you lurkers are artists, you should write me and show me your wares. I'll do my best to make you famous.

Lastly, I am planning on making some prints of my Los Angeles period work.
 Limited edition of 10 or so, I don't know. They will be shiny and pretty and 5x7", perfect for your cubicle or manhole cover, or wherever you people work. I'm also slightly interested in doing some commission work, so don't be a stranger. Or do, and keep having crappy art around you. Happy festivus, right?

Check out the Flickrs, it's exploding with new stuff...if you have a Flickr account, be sure to add me to see everything you're missing. I've also got an Instagram (@nealbretonart) Look at all the opportunities to lurk interetically at yours truly!